Safety Skills Reader: An Attainment eReader
Illustrated stories about essential, everyday safety skills

Safety Skills Reader features 26 illustrated stories, each about an essential safety skill. The stories are organized into four categories: Community, Home, Recreational, and Personal. Ideal for transition students who are lower-level readers.

Safety Skill Readers Screens

Safety Skills Reader is designed for transition students and adults with low-level reading ability. 26 illustrated stories each describe a different situation and the safety skills required. The stories are organized into four categories: Community, Home, Recreation, and Personal.

Community: Pedestrian Safety, Work Safety
Home: Fire Safety, Clothes Washer and Dryer Safety
Recreational: Swimming Safety, Cold Weather Safety
Personal: Pet Safety, Relationship Safety


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Click the DEMO button to launch the demo. Available stories have full functionality, but there is no access to settings or results. The default settings are: Auto Read (speech), manual page turns.

About Attainment's eReader Software
Attainment's eReader software reads high-interest stories aloud to students with professional narration. The narrative stories are aimed at older and transition students who are struggling readers. The non-fiction stories are suited for students with a narrower range of abilities.

Attainment’s eReader features include:
  • Text highlighted word by word, line by line, or by complete sentence.
  • Contemporary and age-appropriate graphics on most pages
  • Vocabulary words with easy-to-understand definitions
  • A test at the end of each story with speech support
  • An optional hint feature for each test question that directs students to the page with the answer.
  • Accessibility by mouse, touch screen, IntelliKeys or single switch.
  • A unified management system which helps the teacher quickly review or print out student performance data.
  • Customize reading lists and settings to suit each student's learning style. Choose word-by-word or natural speech narration, select the text highlighting approach, and assign tests.