Power Vocabulary Builder

Picture Cue Dictionary software is a powerful way to teach vocabulary phrases and to use them in daily life. Activities in the student’s world, like shopping and personal care, are supported by over 700 phrases — each represented with text, speech, and illustration.

Picture Cue Dictionary Activities

The word lists are at the heart of Picture Cue Dictionary. Individual word lists of any length can be created for special interests or needs. Category sublists and keywords make the lists easy to create, and they are completely customizable.

Once you create word lists, you can use them in three ways.

  1. Interactive software activities develop sight word recognition using both visuals and sound.
  2. Printed lists can become an instant prompt book for errands, or flash cards for practice.
  3. Voice recording enables students to imitate the spoken words.

In the full version, you can create customized word lists for each of your students. The program tracks their answers automatically and provides you with a record of each student’s progress.

The full version of this program also includes an options menu. This menu allows you to set up any combination of text, speech, and image in each activity, as well as:

  • Setting the number of choices
  • Which word list to use
  • Choice of controlled or random order
  • Support for errorless learning

Try a demo version of Picture Cue Dictionary
right now, absolutely free!

Clicking the link above, or the image at the left, will launch the demo.
You can try it out with these settings:
  • Only sample list available.
  • In ID activity: image, text and speech are all enabled.
  • In Multiple Choice activity: image, text and speech are enabled for main cue; only image and speech for (smaller) choice cues.
  • In Matching activity, left cues are illustration and audio, right cues are illustration, written word and audio.
  • Options menus and results are not available in demo mode.