The Early Literacy Skills Builder curriculum overturns the widely held belief that children with autism or severe cognitive disabilities are capable only of sight word acquisition. Dr. Diane Browder and her colleagues at the University of North Carolina have created a program that actually teaches literacy skills - phonemic awareness, phonics, vocabulary development, and comprehension. In a 2007 research study comparing ELSB to the popular Edmark reading program, the ELSB students showed significant improvement in literacy.
ELSB Screens

The ELSB curriculum integrates 14 literacy objectives-for example, "Point to letter sounds in words"-throughout seven levels. Each level contains five lessons, and any lesson can be repeated as needed. In addition, the ELSB package includes story materials and assessment tools. The software is easy to use and contains detailed instructions via a built-in help menu.

ELSB software is based on 5 years of research on the print version of the curriculum. The scientifically proven curriculum, which uses both systematic and direct instruction techniques, has been maintained intact.

At the same time, the software format provides many advantages:

  • Scripted narration and student prompts are built in, which means that new teachers, teaching assistants, or parents can use the program with success.
  • Experienced teachers no longer are required to read scripts from the book, so they have more freedom to observe and interact with students.
  • Touch-screen capability is maximized - ideal with Smart Boards
  • Students become invested via avatars they create to represent them on the screen
  • Last but not lease, performance data is retained automatically by the program.

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You can try it out with these settings:
  • Examine any level, lesson. or objective.
  • Create your own avatar. NOTE: In the full version, you can modify features of your avatar.
  • Try out the functionalities for students.