Digital Flash Cards for the Dolch Basic Sight Vocabulary
Basic Sight Words is designed for students who need extra instructional time with sight word recognition. A series of activities using digital flash cards gives students a variety of cues (and the repetition they need) to learn words from the Dolch lists. Individual word lists of any length can be created for each student's special interests or needs.
Basic Sight Words Screens

ABOUT THE DOLCH LISTS: Between 50% and 75% of all words used in school books, library books, newspapers, and magazines are in the Dolch Basic Sight Vocabulary of 220 words. The Dolch lists, which become progressively more difficult, are primarily made up of "service words": pronouns, adjectives, adverbs, prepositions, conjunctions, and verbs. (Our program also includes a list of Dolch nouns with illustrations.)

Many service words cannot be sounded out, and most cannot be learned through the use of pictures. Therefore, sight word recognition is the best and sometimes the only way to learn them.

Basic Sight Words activities using flash cards include multiple choice (choose the small card that's the same as the large one), matching (draw a line between the left and right hand columns), and voice recording for practice saying the word aloud. On the front of each card is the word (or word and picture for nouns), and on the back is a sentence containing the word in context. Color and speech both aid word recognition.

Basic Sight Word lists can be printed as cards (1-8 per sheet) or as activity worksheets.

Basic Sight Words allows you to create customized word lists for each of your students. The program tracks their answers automatically and provides you with a record of each student's progress. An options menu allows you to select:

  • the number of choices in each activity
  • which word list to use
  • controlled or random order
  • male or female voice
  • errorless learning, which permits only a correct answer

Try a demo version of Basic Sight Words
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Clicking the link above, or the image at the left, will launch the demo.
You can try it out with these settings:
  • Only sample list is available.
  • In ID activity: image, text and speech are all enabled.
  • In Multiple Choice activity: image, text and speech are enabled for large card; only image and speech are enabled for the small cards.
  • In Matching activity, words in the left column include illustration and audio; words in the right column include illustration, written word and audio.
  • Options menus and results are not available in demo mode.